Burns Cottage Selection

sscd 067

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1 Music Fiddle Selection Hugh MacGilp 3:21

2 Poem Address to the Haggis Rev James Currie 2:26

3 Song My Love is like a red, red rose Roy McKenzie 3:06

4 Poem Tam o Shanter Frank Bryson 10:12

5 Song Rigs o barley Crispin Allan 3:10

6 Poem John Anderson, my jo Jean Taylor Smith 1:03

7 Song Mary Morison Roy McKenzie 3:13

8 Poem A man’s a man for aa that Bob Shankland 1:46

9 Song The deil’s awa wi the exciseman Morag Murray 1:09

10 Song Bonnie wee thing Roy McKenzie 3:17

11 Poem To a louse Frank Bryson 2:25

12 Song Ye banks an braes o bonnie Doon Helen Brebner 2:22

13 Poem Willie Wastle Jean Taylor Smith 1:16

14 Song Ae fond kiss Roy McKenzie 2:37

15 Song Ay waukin o Morag Murray 2:24

16 Poem To a mouse Frank Bryson 2:29

17 Song The lass o Ballochmyle Roy McKenzie 2:43

18 Song Scots wha hae Crispin Allan 1:42

19 Song Auld lang syne Elizabeth Dobie 2:23

Total running time of this CD 53:04


These selections from the Scotsoun archive were made by the Curator of the Burns Cottage, Alloway.