A. Memmership issues & benefits

1. Whit dae I get oot o jynin the Scots Language Society?

Ye get thon feelin a guid dram gies ye, o a warm glim gaun roun yer hert an warkin richt intil the wame o yer sowl an ye juist ken ye hae duin the richt thing an peyed the bit stent tae gie a heize til ane o the maist important things that maks Scotland Scotland. Ye get a vote at the Annual General Meetin o the associe tae elect yer representatives an tell them whit wey the siller maun be spent. Ye hae wan hunners o freins that mak up ane o the lairgest free commonties o creative fowk in Scotland. Ye get twa issues o Lallans magazine complimentary. Ye get regular wittins o new furthsettins, ploys an campaigns, an special offers til memmers on beuks an Scotsoun CDs. Aa for a price that winna wilt yer plastic.

2. Sae whit dis it cost tae jyne, an get ma twa issues o Lallans?

  • £20 for individuals bydin in the UK.
  • £25 for twa fowk jynin at ae address.
  • £25 for individuals bydin owerseas.
  • £20 for institutions sic as scuils an libraries.
  • £25 for corporate memmership.

3. Can I juist subscreive til Lallans an no fash jynin?

Ye can, but the cost is the same. We assume by defaut that libraries, schuils an the like isna jynin the Society, but that individuals are. You lat us ken whit ye want an we'll accommodate ye.

4. Daes Lallans magazine furthset wark in Inglis?

Forordnar, no. Dinna send unsolicitit wark in Inglis. We're delytit tae get unsolicitit wark in Scots, houiver. Email elkins is preferred.

B. The status & present condeition o the Scots leid

1. Is Scots a language?

Ay. It is recognised as a leid unner the European Chairter for Regional or MinorityLeids. European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages

It's gey sib til Inglis, aften spoken melled wi Inglis, maist aften weel eneuch unnerstuid bi speakers o Inglis, but Inglis it isna. Its lexicon fills mair not 22 muckle volumes o A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the Scottish National Dictionary. See www.dsl.ac.uk.

2. Hou monie fowk speaks it the day, an is it deein oot?

Aabodie in Scotland onie lenth o time aye comes tae speak a wee bit Scots. Maist fowk unnerstaun mair nor thay're aesie able tae speak, an monie fowk are blate tae speak it. The state o research is gey puir, but a muckle study pitten on bi the General Register Office in 1996 suggestit thare wis aiblins 1.5 million speakers the day. Census data will be available for the first time in the new year.

3. Is thare a staundart wrutten form?

Scots tolerates a wheen o variations. Pairt o this is tae accommodate leivin by-leids, an pairt o it is disagreement anent the richt wey forrit til mair consistent pratticks. (See Lallans 56 & 57.) But thare is sic a thing as writin Scots ill-letterit - ye canna juist set doun whitiver ye like. Ye can yaise the Essential Scots Dictionary (Edinburgh University Press 2005) tae nerrae doon the chyce o spellins. Gin ye yaise the free Dictionar o the Scots Leid at www.dsl.ac.uk. try no tae yaise an obsolete or rare spellin gin there is a modren ane. That wey we micht get nearer tae a staunnart by consensus.

C. Is Scots aesie lairned?

Gin ye're in Scotland, an ye dinna hae claith lugs, ye canna help frae lairnin.  A guid innin tae North East Scots is the Luath Scots Language Learner: An Introduction to Contemporary Spoken Scots by L. Colin Wilson (Luath 2010). For pronunciation o modren urban dialects, try Scotspeak by Chris Robinson and Carol Ann Crawford (Luath 2011). Modren Scots Grammar: wirkin wi wirds by Chris Robinson (Luath 2012) is a sterter buik for grammar. For wabsteids see oor LINKS blaud.