Gin ye want tae jyne or renew memmership o the Scots Language Society ye can pey in ane o twa weys. Tae pey bi cheque please mek it peyable tae THE SCOTS LANGUAGE SOCIETY and send it wi yer details tae The Scots Language Society, c/o George T Watt, 61 Cliffburn Road, Arbroath. DD11 5BA Scotland

Gin ye'd raither pey wi Paypal please uise the link ablow. This is the canniest way tae jyne and easiest way tae pey. Nivver heard o Paypal? Dinna fash; ye've nae need o an account wi thaim yersel as Paypal tak maist credit an debit cairds.

Gin yer subscribin is a gift fur someone else, as well as yer ain details we'll need the intended recipient's details and, gin thay hae email, thair address fur thaim tae receive Eiks an Ens. If ye think we ha need o ony ither information please uise form on the CONTACTS PAGE.


The annual stent is EITHER

£20 fur ane individual bydin in the UK 


fur twa fowk jynin at ae UK address
or individuals bydin owerseas
or institutions sic as scuils an libraries
or corporate memmership
or ony ither ye can think up.
Please select correct amount ablow afore ye pay. At checkoot, gin the address ye hae wi Paypal is no whaur ye want Lallans postin let us know!