EMAIL is preferred for aw submeissions whether text or images.
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Editor:   Editorial buird:
  • Elaine Morton
  • Dr Sarah Dunnigan
  • Dr Tom Hubbard
  • Owain Kirby
  • David C. Purdie


Gin ye maun, submeissions may be posted tae The Scots Language Society, c/o 4 Ancrum Drive, Dundee, DD2 2JB

Lallans Style Sheet for Contreibutors

In a parfit warld submeissions formatted as outlined ablow are far tae the fore. Bit dinnae be aff put be that. Aw contreibutions will be gratefully received an duly considert whitever thair format, includin hard copy an even haundscrievin. We wadnae want scrievers to be deterred gin they dinnae dae computers!

-  Font: Gill Sans MT (if ye hae it) 12pt (endnotes 11pt, heiders 11pt italic)
-  Paragraphs indented 5 spaces, nae line spaces atween
-  Poetry indented 10 spaces (or 5 for langer lines)
-  Titles in bold, aligned left. Authors in bold, aligned right
-  Titles quoted o integral works in italics; o chapters, sections, airticles 'in single quotation marks'
-  Quotations atween ‘single quotation marks’, ‘secondary quotations atween “double”’
-  Words in a outlan leid, includin English, shuid be italicised
-  Endnotes, nae fitnotes
-  References as in Whyte, Hamish, ed. (1987) The Scottish Cat, Aberdeen University Press. 
-  Review titles as in Blackthorn, Aimee Chalmers, Lumphanan Press, Lumphanan, 2013, 276 pp., £9.99

Chynges ti spellin an punctuation, an exceptions ti the abune styles, at the discretion o the editors whase deceision is final.