Scotsoun haes on mony occasions uised fiddle music waein its recordins. Noo fur the first time some o thay recordins hae been pit thegither. So sit beck an lug intil music baith tradeitional and by some o Scotland's finest composers, played by some o Scotland's finest musicians Karen Hannah, Yla Steven, Hugh MacGilp and Ian Powrie.


 Les MacConnell B/W Illustration featuring two shadows overlooking a cat standing in front of a tramp lying down

 illustration bi Les McConnell for Hard Times in Auld Reekie Toun


Commattee memmer, Wullie Hershaw and his band, the Bowhill Players hae released a new track cried Hard Times in Auld Reekie Tounfit ye can listen till on their Bandcamp page -

Wullie scrieved the wirds and music; Les MacConnell drew some braw line picters as illustrations.  David Hershaw jyned wirds, picters an soons in a braw wee video ye can fin on their YouTube page. Wi digital photography bi Bill Paton.  It's a thochtfu sang aboot peer folk in Edinburgh throwe the centuries, and maks reference tae "Hingin Judge" Braxfield, fa wis Lord Advocate and a nesty piece o work that pit doon the peer and ill-daen.