Kennins Poesie made bi Hamish Scott Laverock's Nest Press, Glenrothes, 2013, 36pp., £2.58

Readers o Lallans will ken the verse o Hamish Scott, an it's guid tae see it ingaithert. He's a fine graisp o the leid, a fine turn o phrase, an a fine lyric gift:

While late at een an past the licht;
while maist the tounsfowk maks for nicht;
while day is duin an sun is doun
an airie toves atour the toun

His meditations on the flour, seiven poems in aa, gar the hairt growe lichtsome:

Aa kin-kynd o flour growes,
ilk bonnie as the tither;
ilk ane perfit in itsel:
whit needs tae be anither?

(‘Flour 111’).

Simple, but nane the waur o that, an brawlie skrievit, as are aa the poems. A fine collection.

Raymond Vettese