The Gruffalo's Wean, Julia Donaldson, ill. Alex Scheffler, translated into Scots by James Robertson, Itchy Coo, Edinburgh, 2013, 30pp., £6.99

Follaein the muckle thrift o James Robertson's transcrievin o The Gruffalo intae Scots, the gruffalo's dochter's story is shair tae prosper tae. The Scots is at juist richt fur bairns o five tae ten year auld an, whan an orra wird kythes, ye can wark it oot frae luikin at the braw pictures. It's no eith, whiles, tae transcrieve verses an haud the jingle as weill as the meanin o the oreeginal, but Robertson is geyan skeelie at it, yaisin a feck o idiomatic speak that juist rows aff the tongue. Whaur the 'gruffalo's child' feels bored, the wean says, 'I'm pure bored', a 'brave child' transmogrifies intae ane that is 'gallus an bauld' an a 'log pile house' turns intae a 'ricklie log hoose'. The gruffalo becums as muckle a hamewart beastie as the tod or the hornie-gollach. Weans that ken the Inglis gruffalo will luve this ane; an weans that dinna will luve it tae.

Ann Matheson