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Scots letters in Inglis
sscd 005 various Lallans 1  1
sscd 015 Clydebank Lyric Choir Psaums, Hymns, Sangs  1
sscd 023 Gourock Primary School Skuil-Bairns Sing  1
sscd 030 M. McGookin and Y. Steven Hey Caw Throu  1
sscd 048 Jean Taylor Smith Poems in Scots  1
sscd 053 Joan Harkness Fine Flouers  1
sscd 055 Hillhead High School Wee Willie Winkie  1
sscd 062 Irene Russell Fifty Pawky Poems  1
sscd 069 Mary Kermack Lang Syne in the East Neuk o Fife  1
sscd 071 Andy Hunter A Sang’s a Sang for aa That  1
sscd 076 various The Folk Music Revival in Scotland  2
sscd 077 Sheila Douglas The Sang in the Bluid  1
sscd 084 GLEG Learning Scots  1
sscd 085   Singers Singing tae Sangsters  1
sscd 087-1-2-088 Virgil, Dante, et al. Scotsoun Euro-Makars  3
sscd 090-1-2   Hairst Gaitherins  2
sscd 143 Gordeanna McCulloch. Leid in Sang  1
sscd 149 Norman MacCaig Norman’s Cronies  1
sscd 503   A Souch o Gallowa  1
sscd 814  various Auld Leids New Vyces 1