Schuil Bairns Sing


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Schuil Bairns Sing

1 Intro by Miss Lilias C Calder

2 Dingle Dingle Dowsy

3 The Craw’s killed the Pussy O

4 Gemm Gemm, Baa Baa

5 Neivie, Neivie Nick, Nack

6 Chap at the Door, Keik in

7 Lingle, Lingle, Lang Tang

8 Jenny’s Bawbee

9 Pit yir Finger in the Corbie’s Hole

10 The Horny Golloch’s an Awesome Beast

11 Hush-a-Ba Birdie, Croun, Croun

12 Come a Riddle, Come a Riddle

This is the Tree

There was a wee house

13 Piper Sandy

14 Kitty Bairdie

15 This is the Man that Broke the Barge

16 Rise up Guid Wife and Shake your Feathers

17 Yokey ,Pokey Yankee Fun

18 Here we go roun the Jing-a-Ring

19 Four and Twenty Heilanmen

20 The Tattie-Bogle wags its Airms

21 Aiken Drum

22 The Tocher

23 Dance to your Daddy

24 Dinna gang out the nicht

25 Fiddle Selection

26 Wee, Willie Winkie (with intro)

27 Lullaby: Dream Angus

28 When I was a Wee Thing (with intro)

29 Story: The Wee Bannock

30 The Fause Knight and the Wee Boy (with intro)

31 Aince upon a Day

32 Whustle, Whustle Auld Wife

33 The Tod

34 Glasgow Peggy

35 The King come Driving through the Toun

36 John Smith, Fallow Fine (with intro)

37 Sandy Seaton’s Wooing

38 The Wee Burn bickers doun the Brae

39 The Highland Baloo

40 Lullaby: Nou Ballaloo Lambie

total running time for this CD 55:21