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1 The Headlands R Cooper 2:40

2 Wild Rose of the Mountain J Mason

Betsy Robertson Traditional

Rose Amang the Heather "    

Green Grow the Rashes O "    

Cameron’s Got His Wife Again "    

The Wind that Shakes the Barley "     8:13


3 Locheil’s Welcome to Glasgow Traditional

Lord Macdonald of the Isles "    

The Blue Bonnets "     3:40


4 The Dark Island J McLachlan

Morag of Dunvegan R Mathieson

Salute to Vaternish J Ferguson

Sons of Glencoe Traditional

The Brown Haired Lass C Cameron 5:25


5 The Balkan Hills Traditional

John Macdonald Black A Fitchet

Cropie’s Strathspey Traditional

Small Coals for Nailers "    

Dunnechan "     5:26


6 The Merry Blacksmith "    

The Tushkar R Cooper

Miss Susan Cooper R Cooper

St Ninian’s Isle R Cooper 2:36


7 He’s Ower the Hills Traditional

John Grumlie "    

Craighall S Hamilton

Merrily Danced the Quaker’s Wife Traditional

Middlin Thank You "    

Teviot Brig "     4:41


8 Within a Mile o Edinburgh Toun Traditional

The Road and the Miles to Dundee "    

The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen "    

Lovely Stornoway "    

Bonnie Oban Bay "    

Ye Banks and Braes "    

Bonnie Gallowa "    

I Belong to Glasgow "     6:16


9 Bonnie Dundee Traditional

The Muckin o Geordie’s Byre "    

Pibroch o Donald Dhu "    

The Bugle Horn "    

Kenmure On and Awa "    

Midlothian Pipe Band "    

Cock o the North "     4:19


10 Roxburgh Castle Traditional

Kiss Me Quick "    

The Ton "    

McKenzie of Coull "    

Storrer’s Hornpipe "    

Kirk’s Hornpipe "    

Caddam Wood "     4:48


11 The Cameron Highlanders J S Skinner

The Laird o Drumblair J S Skinner

The Miller o Hirn J S Skinner

The Talisker J S Skinner

Bonnie Banchory J S Skinner 5:36


12 Calum Donaldson R Cooper

Hamilton Rant R Cooper

Far Frae Home Traditional

Mickie Ainsworth R Cooper 4:55


total running time on CD 58:43

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