In Mind o David Murison (1913–1997)


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1 Tribute to Robert Garioch by David Murison 4:01

Readings from Gavin Douglas

2 a) Deiphebus greets Sybil and his brother Aeneas when Troy visits Hell (III pp 35–36) 2:03

3 b) The Roman Genius III p 55) 1:05

4 c) Wounded Aeneas hunts the swordless Turnus (IV pp 125–6) 1:31

5 Introduction to Dreidful Dreme 0:43

6 d) Dreidful Dreme (ll 136–172) 2:23

7 e) The Muses’ Fountain (ll 1126–61) 2:12

8 f) Conscience 2:09

Readings from Alexander Scott

9 a) Ane New Yeir Gift to the Quene Mary, quhen Scho come first hame, 1562 12:54

10 b) Ffollowis the Justing and Debait vp at the Drum betuixt Wa Adamsone and Iohine Sym 7:29

11 Tribute to Douglas Young, written by David Murison and read by George Philp 9:40

12 Comments from Jack Aitken (former Editor DOST) 11:14
and Mairi Robinson (Senior Assistant Editor SND)

13 Mindin David Murison by George Bruce 1:03

Specially compiled by Scotsoun, in association with the ASLS, as a personal tribute to David Murison.

Running time on this CD 58 minutes 27 seconds