William J. Rae

A Richt Cuddy and Ither Fables


2 CDs £18.00


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sscd 130

1 Introduction: a discussion between the two readers on the distinguishing features between Lallans and Doric 6:32

2 A Richt Cuddy William Rae 8:15

3 The Cock and the Fox George Philp 10:17

4 The Stirkie’s Staa William Rae 4:34

5 A Muckle Craitur William Rae 7:23

6 Hector the Wee, Wee Mousie George Philp 8:54

7 Ogilvy and the Daftie Owl William Rae 6:44

8 The Whyles Magic Puddock William Rae 5:45

Total playing time on this CD 58:24

sscd 131

1 Hughie and the Yalla Monster William Rae 9:22

2 The Ootlin Puddock George Philp 11:36

3 Hamish the Hirplin Hare William Rae 8:14

4 First Sicht William Rae 6:15

5 Three Gleg Craiturs George Philp 5:15

6 Mair Wordies (anent neist fable) Both Readers 1:50

7 Gleg-shair Hurcheon William Rae 5:31

8 The Misdoutin Seamaw William Rae 9:21

Total playing time on this CD 57:24

Scotsoun wishes to thank Jill Dick of Scottish Children's Press for permission to record 12 of the stories from A Richt Cuddy and Ither Fables by William J Rae; also The Scotsman for The Gleg-shair Hurcheon and Lallans for The Misdoutin Seamaw