The Dipper an the Three Wee Deils

James A. Begg & John Reid


1 CD £11.00


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1 The Dipper James Begg 1:26

2 The Roe Deer John Reid 2:01

3 The Hedgehog James Begg 0:58

4 The Angling Club Minutes John Reid 7:32

5 The Cry o the Whaup James Begg 1:35

6 Tod Lowrie John Reid 1:44

7 The Doukie James Begg 2:51

8 Fishers Tak Tent John Reid 2:40

9 Annyntit James Begg 6:05

10 Glenburnie’s Gun John Reid 1:30

11 The Wee Shrew Moose James Begg 1:02

12 The Bull John Reid 1:29

13 The Cauld James Begg 1:49

14 Harpins John Reid 6:50

15 Bank Pit James Begg 2:18

16 The Dyker John Reid 1:49

17 The Auld Jenny Heron James Begg 3:57

18 The Three Wee Deils John Reid 4:43

Total playing time on this CD 52:19

This selection was taken from the book of the same name published by Luath Press Ltd, Barr, Ayrshire, with the kind permission of the authors and the approval of The Ayrshire Hospice. Thanks are also due to Chow Productions of Glasgow for providing cassette copies at cost during the original launching in 1993, at which time the cassettes were sold in support of the Ayrshire Hospice.