Tak 5 Tak 50

William Hershaw, Tom Hubbard, Angus Martin, David C Purdie, David Purves


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1 For Andrew [cm] WH

2 Nirvana [a43,hb] DP

3 Bairnrhyme [ffp] TH

birds and beasties

4 Lyfe an Daith [ch38,hb] DP

5 The Ratton [sq] AM

6 Sair on Snails [s91,hb] DP


7 The Lang Licht [z] DCP

8 The Deid Thraw o Wunter [ch38,hb] DP

9 Embro Gray [ps5] DCP


10 A Leid Caa’d Love [ad] WH

11 Speerit o the Leid [ffp] TH

12 Hinniewaff [l54] DCP

13 Ghaist Dance [cm] WH

for makars

14 The "Makar" (Efter Amairgen) [ffp] TH

15 Lyric on a theme o Ernesto Cardenal [nm] TH

16 Tweeddale Coort [ffp] TH

17 Makars [cm] WH

tak tent

18 Barak’s Speech [l48] TH

cleikit wi fowk (dedications)

19 The Banks o Ballantrae [sq] AM

20 Leith Walk Variation on RLS [c36] TH

21 The Captains [sq] AM

22 The Biggers [z] DCP

23 The Hird’s Hoose [sq] AM

24 In Praise o Standart Habbie [o111] DCP

25 The Sloans [sq] AM

26 The Yirth is Haly tae ma Fowk [cm] WH

27 Forest [lp] AM

hame and furth o alba

28 Dysart [cm] WH

29 Otterston Loch [cm] WH

30 Schellbronn [ffp] TH

orra (miscellaneous)

31 Nicht Flicht [ch59,hb] DP

32 The Not [sq] AM

33 The Professional [tt] DP

34 The Hintmaist Tour [l56] DCP

35 The Veisitor [lr,hb] DP

36 Raindraps’ Journey [atw] WH


37 The Cauld-Kail Kintra [z] DCP

38 Man [s95] DP

death, disaster and the departed

39 The Daith-Tree [l50] DCP

40 Spartacus’s Men [ch26,hb] DP

41 Passchendaele [sq] AM

42 The Tulchan [z] DCP

43 Pompeii [ffp] TH

44 The Lindsay [fl] WH

45 Grandfather [lp] AM

46 Comp [cm] WH

47 Ghosts [sq] AM

48 Eck’s Pairtie [sip90] DP

49 The Dawn Was All Around Me [ol] DCP


50 The Retour o Troilus [ffp] TH

key to poet/reader

William Hershaw WH

Tom Hubbard TH

Angus Martin AM

David C Purdie DCP

David Purves DP