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SSCD 812



1)      Intro by Lydia Robb

2)      The Cauld-kail Kintra

3)      Blae Days

4)      The Barriegadgies

5)      The Enchanted Device (for Mo)

6)      Sanct Hub’s

7)      Siller Sonnet

8)      Highland Cathedral

9)      The Sairgint

10)  Embro Gray

11)  The Michty Scotsman

12)  A Tanner Baa

13)  The Warld Nixt Door

14)  The Lang Licht

15)  The Bleck Spits

16)  Merle on a Rowan – Lydia

17)  The Whurlin Yett

18)  Droozie Driftin

19)  Boswell’s Coort

20)  Leddy Stair’s Closse

21)  Ode til Lord Monboddo

22)  Lowdie’s Sang

23)  Hou They Brocht Guid Wittins frae Ghent til Aix

24)  The Fiddlers

25)  The Braw Deem Athoot Rue

26)  The Tam O Shanter Quintet

27)  Paradykes and Never Met

28)  In Praise o Standart Habbie

29)  Le Vin De Mon Pays

30)  Yirdsang

31)  Ravines

32)  Cranreugh Cauld Crambo

33)  A Jyner’s Loun

34)  The Daith-tree


Readers:- David C Purdie (DP); Iain Grimstone (IG); & Lydia Robb (LR)
Introduction written and read by Lydia Robb
Highland Cathedral Words by Dave Purdie music by Michel Korb & Ulrich Roever and sung by Nicola Rogan
Music for Le Vin De Mon Pays composed by E.A.Morton and sung by Lesley-Anne Weir
Lowdie's Sang Words by David C Purdie music composed and arranged by Edward Maguire, sung by the Kevock Choir
Tracks 14; 28 & 34 from SSCD 150 Tak 5 from 50
a George T Watt production for Scotsoun