Robert Burns

The Jolly Beggars (Love and Liberty)


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1 Introduction (Tom Crawford) 1:19

2 Start of Recitativo (Bob Shankland) 1:14

3 The Soldier’s Song (Andy Hunter) 2:30

4 Recitativo: He ended; and the kebars sheuk 0:23

5 I once was a maid (Jean Redpath) 2:33

6 Recitativo: Poor merry Andrew in the neuk 0:26

7 Sir Wisdom’s a fool when he’sfou (Andy Hunter) 1:11

8 Recitativo: The neist outspak a raucle carlin 0:28

9 John Highlandman (Jean Redpath) 2:34

10 Recitativo: A pigmy scraper wi’ his fiddle 0:20 11 I am a fiddler to my trade (Andy Hunter/Yla Steven) 2:28

12 Recitativo: Her charms had struck a sturdy caird 0:50

13 My Bonnie Lass (Adam McNaughton) 0:29

14 Recitativo: The caird prevail’d — 1:19

15 I am a bard of no regard (Adam McNaughton/Yla Steven) 2:29

16 Recitativo: So sung the bard — 0:38

17 A fig for those by law protected (Adam McNaughton/Yla Steven) 2:52

Total playing time on this CD 24:12 

This recording was made in 1977 in Poosie Nansie’s in Mauchline, Ayrshire

Introductory assessment of the work by Tom Crawford

Recitativo: Bob Shankland

Singers: Andy Hunter, Jean Redpath, Adam McNaughtan

Fiddle: Yla Steven

This recording is also to be found in the Scotsoun Makars Series (cassettes sscd 035, 036, 037) devoted to the works of Robert Burns, with choice and commentary by Tom Crawford.

The illustration is a detail from a painting of The Jolly Beggars by Angus Scott which was in the possession of the late Andrew Hood at the time of the recording.