Spring Song - 
The Borrowing Days

Januar's ill-kindit row is done, 
the glaister aw gone,
the smirr thaw o ware near through.
First o the simmer, split-new.
Sun swithering ower machair an plouterin linn.

The lochan stappit-fu,
wi salmon, pike an perch.
Glimmerin an guddled.
Held tae the sun,
by loon and quine,
grown bold an rowdy as whittericks.

Strang as oak bough,
swack as willow,
pure as ash.
Herts lifted, joyful an sonsie
as rowan gies lain
o its blossom tae the grund.

Sing on, sing sweet,
oh laverock abuin,
while ablow,
caught in cobweb an cuckoo's foot,
a tangle in lily,
tapsleteerie in bluebell an fern,
the bruise-rouge o berried lips will suin be here.

Amy Rafferty