Eh wiz pentin meh loaby wi gowden matt ‘Sahara’
bombazed an trauchled, so tae feenish aff festish
Eh conjurt bein a traivler explorin vast Sudan an
Eh smoort the wah wi bylin desert sun.

Eh imagint puggelt geckos thit coodnae pit thir pahs doon,
syne they liftit twa at aince so thir feet wirna blistert an
at cool wee oases whar yi got the freshest watter
wi rare lissum palms thit hid brah shady branches,
the Bedouin hunkert doon, beildit mangst the dunes
an poored oot shoogree tea fae dinky, skinklin kettles
fae awa up heh, makkin muckle bubbles
tae weet thir drouthy thrapples an git a slaykin drappie.

Unsneckit camels cooried, sunlicht baitin on thir hurdies;
aa thae did wis argie-bargie an mak sic a boorach thit
amangst aa the racket an the hale clanjamfry
eh cood hardly git meh haid roon pentin meh loaby...

Noo Eh’m feenisht wi ‘Sahara’ an it's aa gone affy quehit
an Eh’m missin aa meh freens fae far Sudan.

Fran Baillie